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Let's all be a little Irish!
Irish Songs, songs by Irish Singers or anything that makes you feel Irish are the theme!

Who Wants To Live Forever
Coming out of the "Summer Stock" movie, I bumped into Brian May of "Queen". (lol) I told him that I've been to 5 of the "Queen + Adam Lambert" concer...Show More
Don DelRay
Hi,Ron-Great song and delivery and great sing,My friend! Don
Chris Daniels
Wow! Brian May, lead guitar! That's so cool! Yeah, I think I met him once too when I was doing PR greenroom at the Reunion Arena back in Dallas early 80's. They came about twice a year. Anyway, this was a very nicely sung tune Ron...Really enjoyed!
I've loved this song since I saw Highlander, 30 something years ago. Great job, enjoyed my first listen this morning. John
Joe Huber
HI Ron enjoyed my listen thanks for sharing.

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