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Let's all be a little Irish!
Irish Songs, songs by Irish Singers or anything that makes you feel Irish are the theme!

Two Sleepy People (Duet)
Dedicated To : Duet with : A pair of tight trousers
Tried to put the male part of this song in the FORUM duet slot for one of you lovely young ladies to help me out but it doesn't appear to be working, so I bought a very tight pair ...Show More
Rabbit (Chas and Dave
Disc MFG Name : Mr Entertainment (Karaoke Collection)Disc Number : MRE51-01
"Rabbit" is a song by Chas & Dave from the album Don't Give a Monkey's, which was released as a single on 23 November 1980 and entered the UK Singles Chart at #66.[1]...Show More
The Streak (don't look Ethel)
Thar' he goes ag'in..
The Court Of King Caracticus
Keep up....Keep know me, anything for a larf.
It's Hard To Be Humble (I'm doing the best that I can) - Mac Davis
"Back a few months ago, I was headlinin' a great big nightclub And they put me up a couple days early, I came in a couple days early And they put me up in what they call the...Show More
The Auctioneer (Leroy Van Dyke)
Had great fun doing this one, 2 mics and an echo chamber, trying to capture the sound you'd get in a big hall. Hope you like the result..... The original on youtube is well worth a...Show More
Found Another Crocodile Song - This one..(is hard to sing, but I found a useable version) - NEVER SMILE AT A CROCODILE 1953 - (from Disney's Peter Pan). I can not sing the orginal ...Show More
I Can't Get Behind That - from William Shatner's album "Has Been"
From Shatner's album - Has Been - this has been VR so I could share my work and enjoyment of another of his off-beat recordings. There are much I agree and can't get behind, either...Show More
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
I am I, Don Qwirky - the lyrics of this, cry for my exuberance. Being I (Qwirky), I hope what you expect is what you get, cause, what you get it Qwirky.
THE DREW CAREY SHOW 2nd Season (Five O'Clock World)  Vogues, The
The Drew Carey Show is an American sitcom that aired on ABC from 1995 to 2004, and was set in Cleveland, Ohio, and revolved around the retail office and home life of "everyman...Show More
Another challenge song., the Suicide song got me in a silly mood, so I thought I'd sing a silly little song from Grease called, Sandy. This song to me is the counter po...Show More
Suicide Is Painless
In keeping with this month's challenge, here's the theme from the movie M.A.S.H. According to Wikipedia, Robert Altman who directed the movie had the song commissioned for film. ...Show More
Back In The Doghouse Again.
Another 5 days and a repeat performance is on the cards........with a bit of luck....hehehe....
Propagate The Species  (Original)
Please take this with a pinch of salt, no offence intended. I was 36 (1979) when I wrote this and used to perform it as a comedy number with the group I was with at the time but di...Show More

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