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Carry On Wayward Son
Challenge Name : TV Theme Songs
The unofficial theme song of Supernatural. I used Kansas' backing track but the vocal style I used was that of the Christian band Rachel Rachel. Thank you all for taking the time t...Show More
Handful of Weeds
Dedicated To : To all the mothers
Happy belated Mother's day everyone.
Listen To Your Heart
After a rough week at work I decided to dust off the old vocal chords and work on some new stuff. Thank you in advance to any and all who can and will take the time time to stop an...Show More
Coat Of Many Colors
I am back for a bit, work has been keeping me pretty busy, but I found time a few weeks ago to record some new stuff. This song holds a special place in my heart, because growing u...Show More
Love Me - June theme
Challenge Name : Wedding/Love songs June Theme
I recorded this one a while back, but was asked by a friend of mine who really likes the song to redo it without all the bells and whistles that I normally use when I mix my songs....Show More

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