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Happy New Year!  - Hopelessly Devoted to You
Finally had some time to record! I am sorry I don't get around to posting, or listening, as much as I should. I am going to try to do more of both in 2019 :) Its nice to have all...Show More
DUET with TexasRider - A Way back Into Love
Duet with : TexasRider
Hi! Here is another duet that TexasRider asked me to do :) This is definitely one of my favorite songs from the movie Music and Lyrics, and I was very happy to sing it with him an...Show More
Rolling in the Deep - Adele
As always, thanks for listening, and any critique on the mix is always appreciated :) Take care!
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones
A song I always enjoyed! Thanks for listening :)
Black Roses - Nashville Soundtrack Clare Bowen (Scarlette)
I stated watching Nashville when it came out...and then stopped after Season 1. Its been on Netflix so I binged watched LOL. I always loved Clare Bowen's voice. I don't know wha...Show More
Titanium - Sia
Finally not so busy anymore, so I can be on and record more :) One of my favs! Just with a piano track. All the harmonies are me :) Let me know if there is anything that can be f...Show More
Daddy's Hands - THEME!
Dedicated To : My Daddy
Sorry I have not been around to post, comment, listen...I try to drop in when I can :) Its been super busy lately, so not a lot of time to sit down and sing. But I finally had a ...Show More
I Touch Myself - Divinyls
Sorry if this song provides too much information..... ;) LOL All kidding aside, this is probably my most favorite song to sing....first because it totally makes you have to bring ...Show More
Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle
Had a rough day today, so I took it out on my microphone. This song has a very deep personal meaning to me, and I have always enjoyed and felt connected to it. Sorry the "p'...Show More
Holding out for a Hero
Did this one at Hubby's request :) I know there is possibly some clipping in the vocals...did not realize I needed to turn the mic down just a touch more. This was a very hard one...Show More
One and Only - Adele
One of her lesser known songs. One of my favs :) Enjoy!
Hurt Me - Leanne Rimes
I love Leanne Rimes, and this is one of my favorite songs of hers :)
Skyfall - Adele - THEME!!!
I said I like Bond here is one :) Again as always, let me know if there is anything mechanically wrong with the recording, like volume issues :) Thanks in advance for l...Show More
Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
Probably my best balanced recording so far :)
Sara - Fleetwood Mac
I never really liked this song much....till I sang it and it really stuck. I recently had to quit 2 bands I was being a Fleetwood Mac Tribute, where I was Stevie. Stevie...Show More

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