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New York City, United States
I'm Going Home  (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Howdy to all! It's been a long time since I've been around these parts. Was fooling around on the mic after watching Rocky Horror, and just thought I'd drop this in here. It's t...Show More
GIRL - Davy Jones
Howdy to all of you nice folks! I recorded this song from the late and great Davy Jones of The Monkees a few years ago, right after I'd found out he had passed away. It had become...Show More
LOVE JONES - The Brighter Side Of Darkness
Challenge Name : Boy Band Songs!
Howdy, folks! Thought I'd give this Boy Band theme a go. Though I haven't had a lot of time recently to record anything new, I have this old tune I recorded about two years ago (...Show More
Bring Him Home
This is a recording I made last night for my daughter and niece, both of whom are big fans of the play "Les Miserables". Now, I realize this not the usual song fare on ka...Show More
Careless Whisper
Hello, everyone! Released in 1984, this was George Michael's (formerly of the pop band, "WHAM!") first solo hit. This is my first recording after a longer than usual la...Show More

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