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Summertime (Ella and Satch)
Challenge Name : May Theme
I heard Ella Fitzgerald and Satchmo doing this one on YouTube and thought I'd give it a go. So I got my spare falsetto out of the wardrobe, swallowed a couple of throat lozenges, ...Show More
Raining In My Heart. (April Theme)
Challenge Name : April ThemeDisc MFG Name : Ameritz, Male Swing and Jazz Vol 7
Been away forever but glad I managed to get back on in time do do one for the April Theme. Have done this song before but the Buddy Holly version. Just found this backing track in ...Show More
That's When I See The Blues.  ( Jim Reeves )
Love all Gentleman Jim Songs, hope you do.
Galway Bay
Challenge Name : March Theme
Another little bit of Ireland. Hope you like it.
If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
Challenge Name : March Theme
Just to keep the March Theme going.
Ain't Nobody's Business - Tennessee Ernie Ford,  & Kay Starr
Duet with : Kay Starr (AKA) OldmanstedsDisc Number : CBEP71-05-17 -
Couldn't get Kay Starr to duet with me so I did both parts. If anyone wants to sing either of the parts I can arrange it, just tell me which one you want to do.
The Wee Leprechaun Strikes Again.
Dedicated To : Leprechauns everywhere.Challenge Name : March Theme
I know you've heard me do this one before but I love any chance of doing it again so here goes. I have written the lyrics for you with an Oirish accent to help if ya want to sing ...Show More
At Last (Another open duet)
Challenge Name : February Love Songs
Here we go again, me begging for young ladies to Join me. If you give it a try and find it's not your key then let me know and I'll raise or lower it to suit. Lyrics as follows: A...Show More
You'll Always Be The One I Love. (Dean Martin)
As it's still February and still Time For Love Songs I thought this one should be given a go. I love doing songs from good ol' Dino. Hope you like it.
Taking A Chance On Love  (DUET)
Hi Girls, just for Valentines Day and for the fun of it who's gonna help me out with this duet? All the lyrics are here so no’ A Chance On Love MALE…Her...Show More
The Very Thought Of You.  (It's Love song time)
Dedicated To : All the KSK Gals.....Take care.Challenge Name : Time for Love Songs
Nearly Valentines day.
Two Sleepy People (Duet)
Dedicated To : Duet with : A pair of tight trousers
Tried to put the male part of this song in the FORUM duet slot for one of you lovely young ladies to help me out but it doesn't appear to be working, so I bought a very tight pair ...Show More
A Kiss To Build A Dream On (Satchmo)
It's sore throat time again....haha. "A Kiss to Build a Dream On" is a song composed by Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby and Oscar Hammerstein II. In 1935, Kalmar and Ruby wrote ...Show More
Walk Tall
My New Years Resolution.......(I'll fail as always)......Happy New Year to all. Val Doonican recorded this many moons ago.
There's Always Me.
Selected for an Elvis Presley recording session held March 12, 1961, "There's Always Me" was a ballad included on the Presley album Something for Everybody. The song was ...Show More
Domenico Medugno did it in Italian. Dean Martin did it in English so I've tried it in a bit of both. Excuse the accent......If you do, thanks for listening....Take care.....Len
Dedicated To : R.I.P Charles
Charles Aznavour (22 May 1924 – 1 October 2018) was an Armenian-French singer, songwriter and actor. He is one of France's most popular and long lasting singers, and also one of ...Show More
Summertime (from Porgy and Bess)
Challenge Name : Songs about summer
Porgy and Bess is a 1959 American musical film directed by Otto Preminger. It is based on the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess by George Gershwin, DuBose Heyward, and Ira Gershwin, which ...Show More
Summer Holiday
Challenge Name : Song about summerDisc MFG Name : CK005-11 - Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday
"Summer Holiday" is a song recorded by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, written by rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch and drummer Brian Bennett. It is taken from the film of the ...Show More
It's All In The Game
Disc MFG Name : ZMGY63-14 - Richard, Cliff - It's All In The Game
"It's All in the Game" was a 1958 hit for Tommy Edwards. Carl Sigman composed the lyrics in ... Cliff Richard had a number-two hit in the United Kingdom in 1963 and a num...Show More
When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
Dedicated To : My Darling Wife Chrissie.Challenge Name : June Theme
One for the June Theme.....Thanks for listening.
Be Bop a Lula (Gene Vincent)
Had to wait for the neighbours to go out before I could belt this one out. Had great fun with this 1956 hit, hope you like the effort....Cheers.
St Louis Blues (Satchmo Style)
Dedicated To : Anyone who has a sore throat.
Time to get out the throat lozenges again (or the Brandy, whichever is closest).
The Auctioneer (Leroy Van Dyke)
Had great fun doing this one, 2 mics and an echo chamber, trying to capture the sound you'd get in a big hall. Hope you like the result..... The original on youtube is well worth a...Show More
Walk Them Golden Stairs
Dedicated To : Pete and Ingrid.
Croonerman sang this one on my Birthday and I loved it so here goes. Thanks Pete.
A Wink And A Smile (Sleepless In Seattle)
I don't think Satchmo ever sang this one but I'd like to think if he had it would have sounded something like this. Time to give the old tonsils another bashing. If you do, thanks...Show More

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