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Let's all be a little Irish!
Irish Songs, songs by Irish Singers or anything that makes you feel Irish are the theme!

"I'll Never Fall In Love Again"
Recorded late at night, trying not to awaken my neighbors who live above and below me. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh... :)
"Any Day Now"
Rusty...pitchy-froggy...been off for awhile; give me an E for effort. :|
"Born to Be Wild"
Steppen(pun intended :)) out of character with this one, but hey...had to do something to break the cabin fever; winter weather blues! :) .............. " "Born to Be W...Show More
"Give Me Your Heart Tonight"
"The Epic Masters - Wikipedia Give Me Your Heart Tonight (1982) The last of the Stuart Colman produced albums, 1982'...Show More

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