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Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Come Monday
It's Monday and it's Labor Day. Hope everyone is having a nice holiday!
In The Summertime
Challenge Name : Songs about summer or songs about school
This song is from 1970 by Mungo Jerry. I remember that summer very well because I spent my entire summer vacation from day 1 with a cast on my right arm from hand to armpit. Bumm...Show More
Midnight Blue
Duet with : Ritisroo
Duet with Ritisroo. This is a song from 1982 by Louise Tucker and Charlie Skarsbek. Wikipedia, "Midnight Blue - utilized the melody of the second movement of "Sonata Pat...Show More
No Matter What
Challenge Name : Boy Band Songs
Been a half century since I was a boy, but here goes this month's challenge. This song was actually written for the Andrew Loyd Weber musical, Whistle Down The Wind but was record...Show More
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Although not perfectly fitting this month's challenge, this song does touch upon the fatherly love of raising a family. Now that I thought about it, it does fit the wedding and lo...Show More
Till A Tear Becomes A Rose
Duet with : Liz
Duet sung with Liz.
If You Leave Me Now
I've always loved this beautiful ballad from the group, Chicago. It was written by Peter Cetera and was the groups first international number one hit in 1976. Even though the lyr...Show More
It Don't Come Easy
Haven't posted anything in a while. I've always loved the rock tempo of this song. It was Ringo Starr's first single hit after the breakup of the Beatles, around 1970. It was c...Show More
Dedicated To : My darling, LizChallenge Name : February Challenge Romantic Songs
It's still February, the month of love. This is one of the prettiest romantic songs I know. It was done by BeeGees in 1967.
The Sweetheart Tree -- February Challenge
Challenge Name : Love Songs
This song was originally sung by Natalie Wood in the movie, The Great Race. I remember seeing this movie in the theater as a kid and loving this song the first time I heard it in ...Show More
As Time Goes By -- February Challenge
Challenge Name : Romantic Songs
This one kinda fits both January and February challenges. Although, the lyrics are not particularly mushy, it's still a romantic favorite.
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
In keeping with this month's challenge theme...Elton John did this for the movie, The Lion King.
Wave On Wave
Liz and I turned Wave On Wave into a duet. This is Liz's first time recording a karaoke song.
Reason To Believe
I always thought that this song was a Rod Stewart original, but according to Wikipedia, it was written and recorded by an American folk singer named Tim Hardin in 1965. And, The C...Show More
Another challenge song., the Suicide song got me in a silly mood, so I thought I'd sing a silly little song from Grease called, Sandy. This song to me is the counter po...Show More
Suicide Is Painless
In keeping with this month's challenge, here's the theme from the movie M.A.S.H. According to Wikipedia, Robert Altman who directed the movie had the song commissioned for film. ...Show More
My Melody Of Love
This is a song by Bobby Vinton from 1974. A fun song to do at karaoke. Hopefully I didn't mangle the Polish lyrics too badly.
It's Your Love
For my darling, Liz.
Just The Way You Are
Another one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. This was his first gold single in 1977. Hard to believe that was 40 years ago.
All My Lovin'
This is one of my favorite "early" Beatles song. Love the rock&roll tempo of this song.
Wagon Wheel
This song was made famous by Darius Rucker in 2013 but had been recorded by Old Crow Medicine show in 2004. The interesting thing about this song is that the chorus was written by...Show More
I got in a country mood singin' Gentle On My Mind and just had to sing this oldie that I just picked up recently.
In The Summer Time
In keeping with this month's theme. This is the Mungo Jerry song from the 60's. I've always liked it's snappy beat.
Down In The Boondocks
This song was written by Joe South and recorded by Billy Joy Royal in 1965. I've always liked it's snappy beat and people usually sing along with it at karaoke so I guess they lik...Show More
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
"May-June Challenge" Having spent 20 years in the military, this song really touches my heart. I'm certainly no Michael Ball, but I might give Eddie Redmayne a run for ...Show More
Knock On Wood
This is one of these fun oldies. This one is the 60's, Eddie Floyd version. The 70's, Amii Stewart version is faster but a lot of fun as well. Depends on the crowd, which versio...Show More

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