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Stumblin In
Duet with : Songstar
March theme is Irish, so how better to celebrate than an old recording with one of my oldest online karaoke duet partners, Irishman Songstar Ken himself! So many years ago we becam...Show More
Summer Nights Duet with Songstar Ken
To go with July - August theme.. a summer song.. even tho it's older than ages. A duet with my Irish buddy Ken the artist formerly known as Songstar :)
Baby Im a Star
A year ago today we lost one of my all-time favorite inspirations, Prince. This man was a genius well before his time. I remember watching The Today Show when Bryant Gumbel was ret...Show More
KSK proudly presents Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors circa 2006
Once upon a time BubbaDan opened a little shop of horrors called KSK, Oh WAIT! wrong story! :) Ok - so Bubba rounded up several members from his lil shop, ahem, site, and said SING...Show More
3s Company_BubbaFoxe
Recorded ions ago, but I still love it :)

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