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KSK no longer accepts paid accounts. Once the last paid account is done KSK WILL CLOSE.

Here are some helpful hints...

Click on the COMMENT button found next to the LIKE button. This will bring you to the page where you can then leave a comment.
You can also reply directly to a comment from that page.

You can access your profile by clicking on the small white arrow on the far right top of the page.
Your main profile page which lists all your songs is the first link with your name.
The other links are your pages to update and change your profile information. Including links to the upload page, access your play lists and check your statistics
Under the 'Settings' link you will see the following links on the right.
  • General - Settings for your name, city, country etc. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE YOUR FULL NAME...Simply put a user name in the 'First Name' space and leave 'Last Name' space blank.
  • Profile - Upload an image of yourself or an avatar as well as a Cover Photo (same as a Facebook background image) The Cover photo should be a horizontal image as well as a darker image as the font color for your name etc. is white.
  • Notifications - Here you can choose what type of email notifications you would like to receive.
  • Social - Here you can list any of your Social Network ID's
  • Password - You can change your password here
  • Blocked Users - This will list any users you have blocked. Blocked persons can no longer contact you trough messages.
  • Account Plan - This will show your current status of a Paid plan including days left.
Type in the Title of the song, a Description if desired and one or more Genres.
You can then choose both an image file for the song and of course a song file which are found on the left side of the page.
If the song you upload is one you have written and perform you can fill out the 'METADATA' tag. This is ONLY for original compositions.
Under the 'PERMISSIONS' tag you can change the privacy and download settings. The default settings are Public and Not able to download.
We have it set to NOT DOWLOAD because you have to agree that you wish to have your song available for's a legal thing.
Once everything is as you want it, click the UPLOAD button.

Go to your 'Profile' page. Click on the title of the song you wish to edit. To the right you will see a large EDIT button.

When you first log in, there can be suggestions for friends on the right side of the page.
To add a friend it is a lot like Facebook.
On a song, click on the members name
At the far right you will see two icons. One, an envelope and the other a figure of a person. On that icon there will be a green plus sign.
Click on the icon and this will send a friend request to the member.

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