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KSK no longer accepts paid accounts. Once the last paid account is done KSK WILL CLOSE.

yup...we're baaack! started back in the early 2000's. It was quite popular and grew to be too much for me to handle given my health issues
At that time (Around 2006?) I decided to sell it (Well actually give it away) to a programmer in Europe. From there it died a slow agonizing death.

After some pleading I have decided to bring back KSK for those who simply want a place to upload their music and share it with friends. No Bells, No Whistles and no fancy doo-dads. Just a nice place to listen, like and comment on what we enjoy...MUSIC!

I purposely wanted to keep the site simple and easy. Nothing to get in the way of the music, no groups, forums or anything else that takes away from the simple enjoyment of listening to friends.

The only thing I ask is this.
KSK must at least TRY to make an average of $75 per month in order to keep the site going.
This is to pay for the server.

You can become a Member by 'Going Pro' and paying a monthly or annual gift and get more space for your music, or you can gift any amount via PayPal to

There is one thing I do want to point out.
I have Multiple Sclerosis and am home bound. I do NOT run this site to make money. But I can not spend money on the site out of my own pocket as I do have quite a fixed income.

...and last...this is not a storage Cloud.
Please remove your songs after 3 to 6 months or so. This will keep costs and running speeds down! You don't have to but it couldn't hurt any.

Think of me as the Mom, Dad, Maid and weird Uncle all rolled in to one.
Thank You!
Danny AKA Bubbadan

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